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The PanFuture Society Podcast

Jan 28, 2017

This week I ramble about the need for level-headed communication for a functional society, and ponder why it's so hard to do, including science communication.

Also, lots of medical news from Earth and space about stem cells and genetics. 

Jan 20, 2017

This week I offer an overview of scientific consensus - what it is, and why we should accept it. 

And in the news: Vantablack, and mud on Mars

Jan 14, 2017

This week I talk to Albert Falke and Line Drube of the European Commission's NeoShield-2 project ( We discuss the scope of the NeoShield project from technical challenges to the science of asteroids. 

Jan 7, 2017

In a more philosophical tone I'll be bringing you a number of shows setting themes and things to think about in the upcoming year. This week, more thought on jobs and the future of work, and what it means to our own meaning. 

Also, new missions from NASA